About Us

Optionstheedge.com is the digital counterpart of the award-winning lifestyle pullout of The Edge Malaysia, the country’s premier business and investment weekly publication. Bringing you compelling stories on the people who helm companies and enterprising Malaysians with creative businesses, to fascinating travel destinations, luxury fashion, motoring, dining and what’s happening in the local visual art and performing arts scene, Options celebrates the good life of the modern executive.

Thought-provoking, reliable and definitively stylish, Options strives to be the most helpful resource for all aspiring as well as inspiring leaders to stay ahead. Options is brought to you by a stable of discerning writers and contributors who are not only intellectually curious and socially aware, but also mean business.

Diana Khoo
Executive Editor/Editor of Options and Haven
Living in wonder and to wander best describes Diana Khoo's philosophy on life. Curious as a cat, she loves everything with a tail (and a tale to tell) and lives to delight, amuse and annoy her patient-as-a-saint husband and two children. Home for her is incomplete without her cocker spaniel Guillaume, schnoodle Ip Man and two much-loved guinea pigs, Char Siew and Siew Yoke.

Tan Gim Ean
Assistant Editor
If Hokkien is her first language, then kindness must be her second. This wiser-than-Gandalf-The-Grey-wise dame doesn’t tolerate bad English, but at least she tells (or emails) you about it nicely. In the words of one of the best sub-editors to grace the desk, "All one needs to get around are two fingers and a good pair of reading glasses." That’s what she said.

Dian Pasquinal Kaur
Assistant Editor
A mother of two with a background of over 18 years in the publishing industry humbly considers herself a perpetual work in progress, always seeking to learn (mostly from the school of hard knocks) and grow. When she's not busy planning her next meal with her husband and friends, she finds solace in the world of fiction or, ironically, murder mystery movies and true crime documentaries. 

Kong Wai Yeng
Senior Digital Writer
Schooled by the streets, Wai Yeng has befriended many kopitiam owners to bring untold stories to light. She's usually wandering about to discover quirky, old neighbourhoods and partake of their charms through the camera shutter. A loyal ally of books and brews, she starts her day with a strict diet of flat white, kaya toast and AO Scott humour. The rest can wait. 

Emily Yap
Born and raised in ever-buzzing KL, Emily's ideal form of escapism usually involves being near a body of water or surrounded by trees – experiences she appreciates even more after living in Sarawak for three years. She enjoys learning about stories that drive humanity forward and the pleasures in life that make living worthwhile.

Aireena Azni
To quote from Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life, she just wants to live while she is alive. Her quiet demeanour can be loud, as loud as her passion for fashion. She believes one always has something to learn from another and thinks reading an autobiography is a less creepy way to peek into somebody’s life. And sometimes, all she needs are a glass of ice cubes to munch on and a hug to call a day perfect.

Genie Leong
Born artsy to the core (at least, according to the family), Genie’s zeal for storytelling began as soon as she learned how to read and write. Her love for the creative, subversive and remarkable keeps her constantly on the lookout for experimental-style trends and underground artists and musicians. To her, a perfect weekend must include the following: a visit to a thrift store, cuddle time with her cat and getting dressed up for a girls’ night out.